ABM Marking, a well-known world wide company, was set up in 1982, providing a wide ranges of the products such as inks, printers, stencil machines, oilboards, stencil ink, tape dispenser, markers, staples, nail, nail guns. We have been making various kinds of inks and inkjet printers since then serving customers from various kinds of the fields all over the world for distributing more than 2000 different items. ABM inks are very popular due to the high quality and very competitive prices This business can be categorized: Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Service, Research and Development. We are the distributor of many famous brands.


1.    MSSC LLC -- Marking, Stencil, Sealing, coding


2.   FASCO America -- tools, parts and fasteners manufactured by The BECK Fastener Group®.


3.   Inteplast Group--AmTopp Stretch Film


4.   Shurtape—Provide various kinds of tapes serving -- Manufacturing & Industry, Packaging Solutions, Building & Construction, Arts & Entertainment, Transportation


Please feel free to send  us an email (abm@abmmarking.com) if you cannot find the products in our website since lots of the products are not listed on the website.