A comparison of abm wireless adaptors 


XBee Bluetooth
Range:  The manufacture of the radio gives the indoor range as 100 feet for the standard unit but that may be under ideal conditions.  There are, however, several models with longer range at higher cost, if needed. Range:  The Bluetooth radio is, by design, short range.  Perhaps about two thirds of the standard XBee
Ease of use:  For one printer it is straight forward.  Just install the USB adaptor on your computer.  Somewhat more complicated if there are several printers each with their own adaptors but there would still be just one COM port.. Ease of use:  The Windows Bluetooth interface is not at all user friendly.  If more than one printer is to be used each will need its own COM port.
Cost:  The XBee system requires a minimum of two radio units.  One at the printer and another at the computer. Cost:  The main advantage of the Bluetooth is lower cost.  The adaptor is less expensive than the XBee and on the computer side all that is needed is a very inexpensive Bluetooth dongle
  Other features:  The Bluetooth adaptor can be used with an android tablet or phone that has the Bluetooth feature.  An improvement on a handheld terminal.


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