Membrane Keypad

Click for larger viewThis is a 40 keyswitch membrane keypad.  The switches are arranged in a 8 row by 5 column X-Y matrix brought out to a 3 inch ribbon cable.  The connector is a 13 position female with .1 inch spacing.  The rear adhesive is 3M467.  The size of the keypad is 4.3" high by 3.5" wide.  Here is a drawing of its circuit.

The keypad exactly fits the top panel indentation in the PacTec HPLS enclosure or the 100 series Angled LCD Case from Box Enclosures.

The price is $ 16.95 ea.  payable thru PayPal. 

 Also on eBay

Here is an example of interfacing the keypad.

Here is an example of Arduino software for this keypad.

Here are some links that may be helpful:
A review of several encoders (some out of date)
PDN1188 Keypad Encoder IC from Paladin Semiconductor

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Written August 2010 by Roger Schaefer
Updated April 2015