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ajet 116 and ajet 101The ajet 116 is a D.O.D. ink jet printer which will print two lines of 7x5 or 5x5 matrix characters or one line of 16x10 matrix characters. 135 text messages can be prerecorded; dates, time, Julian dates, work shifts, and consecutive numbering can all be imbedded into the text messages. The print can be reversed and/or printed upside down allowing complete freedom of placement of the heads on the conveyor line in any position. 15 logos of sixteen dots high may also be saved and mixed with text.

All functions of the ink jet printer are programmed via a RS-232 interface. The print heads can be mounted to conveyor lines in various ways. ajet 116 print sample.  Click to enlarge.

The ajet 116 can print on a wide range of absorbent or non-absorbent surfaces. abm supplies a variety of inks for most any surface. The ajet 116/S can also use MEK and ethyl acetate solvent based inks.

The ink can be supplied from various size containers ranging from a ˝ liter to five gallons. Air pressure can be supplied from factory air or from independent air systems available from abm marking ltd.


Electrical Requirements: 110-240 volt 50-60 Herz power
Sensing Device: Photocell
Print Heads: One
Character Height: 50 mm in a 16 dot matrix.
Ink: abm Ink Jet Porous, Ink Jet Non-Porous and SAFEMARK® Ink Jet (MEK and ethyl acetate solvent based inks with ajet 116/S version).
Ink Consumption: It is a meaningless data because of the wide variety of conditions that may be experienced. In one controlled test 1,800,000 seven dot characters per gallon were printed.
Character Fonts: 64 character ASCII set
Message Capacity: 135 messages of 60 characters each. 15 logos of 16 dots high by up to 500 columns long. Data is stored in a serial EEPROM
Interface: All functions a programmed via a RS-232 interface to almost any computer or hand held terminal. However, all electronics are within the printhead and once print parameters and messages are entered the ajet 116 does not need to be connected to a terminal.

There is also a Windows Graphical User Interface program called TJET which allows easy entry of the print functions and text messages in various different languages including Chinese. A similified design and loading of logos is included.

See also the 7 dot ajet 101

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This page written by Roger Schaefer in August, 2001
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The ajet 116 was designed by abm marking ltd and is manufactured in Taiwan and distributed in the Far East by:
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