ajet 64 and ajet 128 High Resolution Ink Jet Printers

The ajet 64 and the ajet 128 are small character, high resolution D.O.D. ink jet printers which will print one or two lines of dot matrix characters in various font sizes. 255 text messages can be prerecorded; dates, time, Julian dates, work shifts, and consecutive numbering can all be imbedded into the text messages. Graphics or bar codes can also be embedded into messages. The print can be reversed and/or printed upside down allowing complete freedom of placement of the heads on the conveyor line in any position.

All functions of the ink jet printer are programmed via a RS-232 interface to a computer but the printers are stand alone.  Once the messages are entered there is no further need for a computer connection.

The ajet 64 has a resolution of 64 dots in a 8.7 mm height. The ajet 128 is twice that. Other than that the two printers are 95% the same. The ajet 64 will print slightly faster and will print twice as long a string of characters. It is also slightly more inexpensive.

Print sample on corrugated
Printhead MountThis is a view of the printhead mounting block and the photocell. The printhead is connected to the consol via a standard 25 pin male to female DB-25 cable.
Front of Console


Back of Console


Print sample on oilboard

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Written August 2003 by Roger Schaefer
Video added May, 2010