Packaging Automation Products for Specials

We have a set of automatic packaging products, used as a Demo in a conference before. The products are made by Wuhan Rentian Packaging Automation Technology Co. a world-wide famous company in this field. Due to Import and Export regulations, we have to sell it in the USA or return it to the original warehouse within a short time. Considering shipping costs, we would like to sell it as a specials sale with only less than half of regular prices. The automatic packaging products line compose of Case erector (45cpm); Case packing robot; Labeler with control box (450 ppm). Moreover, you can also buy them separately if you like. Please note: All the key components are from famous brands, such as Siemens. This is very GOOD deal with a 1 Year Warranty for our products. You are welcome to make an appointment to test the equipment.     


KF45A  Automatic Case Erector

Operation guided by Menu, parameters corrected by software, which makes it easy to operate.

Cam mechanism controlling system, selected imported electrical and pneumatic elements, which makes steady operation, precision movement.

Anti-jamming ability guaranteed by switching power supply;

Horizontal cardboard storage, replenish the stock at anytime without powering off.

Operated separately or combined with packaging line.

Technical Parameters







Size of Case

L250~350 W150~250  H100~300mm



Compressed Air Consumption


Air Supply


Power Supply

3 phase

Environment Temperature

-5- +45 centigrade

Relative Humidity







This machine is suitable for the centralized packing of middle-sized materials after arrangement, such as bottles of milk, milk bags, boxes, sausage, etc.

Features of Product

Less area occupation

 Fast speed

Technical Parameters



Max. Speed

50 cycles/minute

Max. Load Capacity

30 kg

Repeated Positioning Precision





Automatic High-speed Labeling Machine (450 ppm)

Application field

It is widely used in applications on films in food industry, medicine and chemical industry.

Main features

This labeling machine integrates with light, machine and electric control with functions of dynamic tracking, automatic labeling placement and tape break alarms. It is convenient for installation, operation and maintenance. Many machines can operate at same time.










Marsh-Spray Stencil Ink - $38/cs or $3.5/bottle

 (12 bottles per case. Regular retail price: $6.65/bottle)

6 Cases of INK, SPRAY STENCIL GREEN 311GMS with part #30397 for special sale. The manufacture data is 2604FA (9/17/2014). However, the manufacturer said EVEN the five-year-old ink can have the same performance as the newly made one.  

Characteristic: Marks on all surface; Permanent, Quick Drying; Contains no CFCs



















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